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Colonics Cleanse Dry Blood Cell Viewing Collingwood

Dried Blood Cell Viewing

Placing several drops of blood onto a microscope slide and allowing it to dry . This image is then viewed on a TV monitor where both client and practitioner will be able to view and identify the following:

  • Colon stress or bowel toxicity
  • Adrenal stress
  • Environmental toxicity
  • Hormonal issues or stress
  • Heavy Metals presence
  • Malabsorption of nutrients
  • Lymphatic congestion
  • Kidney stress
  • Endocrine stress
  • Bladder stress
  • Joint inflammation
  • Electrolyte dysfunctions
  • Parasite infestation
  • Mineral deficiencies
  • Bowel Toxicity

Dry Healthy Blood cells Dry Unhealthy Blood cells

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After your Live and Dry Blood Cell Viewing, a Nutritional Program will be created for you. This program will include dietary and lifestyle changes. Supplementation and cleansing recommendations.

Live and Dried Blood Viewing is NOT IN ANYWAY to replace medical advice. It is simply a way at looking at the free radical damage, dietary deficiencies or toxins we may have built up in our the bodies. It is a way to educate you and cleanse the body by using herbs, supplements and nutrition. When we combine these key elements to our lives our body will heal itself. As it is the true healer.

Some History of the Dry Blood Cell Viewing

The oxidative stress test originated in Europe in the 1920’s. Dr.Enderlein a German scientist noticed a correlation between abnormalities in the body and patterns in the blood.

In 1930’s the head of surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital Dr. Bowlen MD introduced Dry Blood Analysis procedures in the US after receiving training from General Dwight Eisenhower’s personal physicians, Dr. Heitlan and Dr. La Garde.

Heitlan-LaGarde’s students and Dr. Robert Bradford of the American Biologics Hospital in New Mexico re-introduced Dry Blood Cell Analysis in 1970’s. This tool is still used today in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

For 70 years Dry Blood testing data. Holistic, medical, osteopathic, chiropractic, naturopathic, and natural practitioners all around the world use it. This allows insight into what is happening within the biological terrain.


On August 1, 2011 Audrey Taylor received her certification in Morphologic Hemotology and related Nutritional Application (Live Blood Cell Viewing).

Audrey is performing live Blood Cell Viewing and Biological Flow Systems Auditing. Call and book your appointment!

Download and print the Live Blood Cell Viewing Questionnaire before your appointment so you can have it filled out when you arrive.