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Testimonials for Colonics Cleanse

Testimonial from Joan

I am convinced that the colonics and your care did a great deal toward how well my body if fighting this now. I have a strong immune system and colon and can eliminate toxins and dead cancer cells efficiently. All of the patients at the Medicor Clinic are responding to treatments ( 100%) but they said I am the rock-star! Most others have a beat up immune system, serious constipation and other things to recover from as well as the cancer.

I did not realize in what bad shape my colon was in spite of suffering from constipation my entire life. Learning how important this part of the body is to my immune system, I contacted Audrey Taylor for help after being diagnosed with breast cancer. I saw Audrey regularly over a period of 9 months. I am thankful for this help as my cancer was slowed down and I am now undergoing SAFE chemo with Medicor Cancer Clinic every 2 weeks. I am experiencing major success with the chemo destroying the cancer over the past 2 months. I know that having a strong immune system is a big part of my success and that is a large part due to the health of my colon now. I am also now experiencing healthy and regular bowel movements during this treatment helping to eliminate toxins and dead cells. I can eat normally and feel more and more energetic each treatment. The SAFE chemo has no side effects and in fact boosts the immune system to fight the cancer. With Audrey’s expert care and advice I have grown stronger and much more aware and knowledgeable about my body and how to keep getting healthier. I am now aware of the types of parasites that can infest our blood and colon and how to eliminate them. Audrey is a truly caring and kind woman with a wealth of expertise and passion to help anyone get healthier.

- Joan

Testimonial from Glenda W

In September of 2013 I was diagnosed with a Stage 4 Glioblastoma Brain Tumor with a life expectancy of 6 months to 2 years to live. While undergoing my chemo and radiation treatments I had the pleasure of your expertise in helping clear my system of excess toxins. You also were instrumental on making me aware of so many natural therapies for my Cancer treatment, such as on the effects of Vitamin C therapy, organic sulfur and eating certain organic foods, herbal teas and supplements to let my body heal itself from the cellular level.

Your endless knowledge and encouragement through the treatments was empowering.

My tumor has now shrunk from the size of a large plum to a raisin! My Doctor was quite surprised to see results such as I had. I now am on monitoring only without any chemotherapy or radiation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for enlightening my world to these wonderful options I never knew even existed and for all of your help throughout my journey!

- Kind Regards, Glenda W

Testimonial from Mary

For the past eighteen months I have been a client of Audrey Taylor, Immaculate Caring Services.

Initially, I thought I was visiting a colon therapist. How wrong I was. Audrey’s passion for healing and understanding the root cause of her client’s health issues has taken her on a path of learning that is continuous. Audrey is a born teacher; as a result she can explain the nature of her client’s ailments and offer natural solutions and protocols with herbs that she uses in her practice as a herbalist.

Unsure of what is ailing you? Audrey can again be of assistance and provide support with live blood cell analysis. Does Audrey walk on water … almost! This woman with a huge heart, wonderful sense of humour is an angel of mercy. She has helped me to begin to heal my gut; look seriously at my food choices; shown me why at times my energy is low; and has continual patience as I slowly begin to understand how new choices will enrich my life giving me more energy and vitality. If you  are having health concerns and are looking for alternative ways to renew your health give Audrey a call. You won’t be disappointed.

- Mary

Testimonial from Sheri:

On October 2nd 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Choosing to approach my diagnosis from a holistic approach I incorporated Immaculate Caring into my regime. Audrey truly cares about each client that walks through the door and goes to every length possible to give them the best treatment and care. She devotes her time and energy to ensure she has the knowledge to best support her clients. She takes the time to answer all my questions and provide me with clear instructions and information. I see the passion she has for her career every time we meet to and she continues to increase her knowledge in order to help each client. She is the true definition of a healthcare practitioner.

Her ability to know which herbs help support my health helped to rid my body of parasites, detoxify my body and cleanse my blood. The use of colonics helped to open my colon, clear up my digestive issue and cleanse my liver. Being able to see my cells live and adjust my nutrition and supplements accordingly is such an amazing opportunity to have within our community. She provides you with everything you need in order to participate in improving your health so that it becomes a lifelong change.

Her overall care of my health has helped me to come through chemotherapy and surgery healthy, whole and with minimal affects to my body. I believe that my journey would not have been successful if I didn’t have the emotional, physical and spiritual support from Audrey. I am so grateful to have been lead to the Audrey and her clinic. It truly is a caring centre.

- Sheri

Testimonial from Sarah:

As a younger client, I felt a little awkward when making an appointment for my first colon irrigation. The initial process was a little uncomfortable because I suffer from excess gas and bloating.  As the colonic went on, I began to feel more at ease as I could feel that it was helping me to feel better.  After the colon irrigation was over I immediately felt better in the sense of having no gas or bloating, as well as having a general overall feeling of well being.  The therapist was very professional and explained any questions or concerns that I had with detail and precision.  An added bonus was that she provided me with natural remedies and suggestions on what to do in regards to having a healthy diet to help me with my main issue (gas and bloating).

Since then, I have had several colon irrigations with this therapist and truly believe that without this service I would still be feeling unhealthy, bloated, and sluggish.  Each colon irrigation I have improves and I no longer feel as I used to (I now feel great!).  I would highly recommend colon irrigations provided by Audrey as she is very knowledgeable, precise, and professional, and because of this I will continue to go back for her services.

- Sarah (Collingwood)

Testimonial from Carol:

I want to tell you my story.  All my life I have been plagued by constipation, from age 4 on. I have tried lots of laxatives and my parents (because the doctor said) put me on a laxative from age 4-12.  My digestive system has always been slow.

We were missionaries in Haiti from 1995-1999 and when we came back I started gaining weight and could not lose it.  I felt bloated and my belly was big.  I felt awful.  I had a live blood analysis done in February 2004 and it was found that my blood was loaded with parasites and candida, fungal particles.  I took lots of healthy cleansers, green products, you name it, I tried it.  For over 5 years I tried everything to get feeling better. I had no energy and felt bloated all the time.

On the way to Collingwood, I saw Audrey´s Immaculate Caring, Colonics place and stopped my car and wrote down the phone number.  It probably was another 6 months until I actually called Audrey and set up my first appointment.  After 13 colonic appointments, my colon was clean.

I feel so much better and have lost some weight and inches around my waist.  I had another live blood analysis this past December 2009 and found out that I have no parasites or candida particles in my blood.  Wow!  I believe it is because I got my colon cleaned out at Audrey´s that I am much healthier.  Audrey was so kind to me and took care of my needs and taught me how to care for my body.  I felt like a queen when I was going for one of my colonic treatments.  She did not just meet my needs physically but mentally and emotionally.  Thank you Audrey for superb and professional care. 

- Carol H.

Testimonial from L.N.


So you're approaching middle age and the senior years aren't so far off. It won't be long and there might be some grandkids showing up. But take heart, this is for everyone, no matter what your age. Do you want to sleep well, wake up refreshed and have the energy to lead that active lifestyle you enjoyed in your youth and middle adulthood? It is possible. You just need to exercise and take care of your body, by letting it do what it should naturally. But to do that, it needs to be in optimum working order. Here is one way to ensure that you have a fighting chance. I'm a firm believer in this process. I'm over 60, but feel more like 39. I have energy to spare and I'm in better shape than most of my friends. When I compare my physical condition to some of my friends, one has gained so much weight that I can't believe it (he was a tall skinny rail in high school) and one other has survived prostate cancer, is overweight and is taking 3 different medications for different ailments. All this might not be necessary if they had taken care to exercise and allow their body to cleanse itself properly with the aid of colonic irrigations. You want proof: I haven't seen a doctor for anything major in over 10 yrs.  I'm fit, not on any medications and I weigh exactly 20lbs heavier than I did in high school. I teach an intensified first aid course and part of that course includes anatomy and physiology.

Your blood vessels deliver nutrients, hormones and enzymes to the cells, and they are responsible for collecting waste and delivering it to the colon for evacuation.  If the colon is clean, then all the impurities are eliminated. If it isn't, then your cells receive tainted material.  Major organs become gummed up and don't work properly. You can imagine what happens to your health!

I work in an industry that requires me to be on my feet all day and includes some manual labour. I'm a professional ski patroller and when I'm not putting up safety fences, I'm skiing down the hills searching for possible hazards and also lugging a toboggan with a patient down the hill to first aid. It is physically demanding. I'm here to tell you that I outlast any of my colleagues. Not one of my coworkers can last as long as I do all day on the hill. I'm always out there, flying down the slopes. I only come in for hot chocolate breaks and lunch.

It's a simple process and I can recommend my therapist highly. First of all Audrey is regulated and her procedures and premises are scrutinized regularly by our heath board. Audrey provides a comfortable warm environment, heated by a wonderful wood stove, (she even has slippers for your feet if you so desire) and I can assure you of her care, professionalism and discretion.

After a series of sessions you will notice a feeling of lightness and energy. It cured my chronic back pain (once my colon was clean , no pain) and I can't say enough about how well I feel. TRY IT, ALL YOU'VE GOT TO LOSE IS possibly that Unwanted Weight and Feeling Lousy.

- A most satified customer L.N.

Testimonial from Rick:

I was lethargic, feeling unwell and out of tune. I went through the treatments offered at Immaculate Caring. After the very first session, I felt terrific and very much energized. Throughout the next several sessions, I felt better each and every time. I was set up with a follow-up herbal and nutrition program to go hand in hand with the treatments.  In the end I also lost over 10 lbs.  I recommend that people at least meet with Audrey and see what's available for them.

- Rick