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Colonics Cleanse History of Colonics
History on Colon Irrigation

Colon therapy dates as far back as the Egyptians.  In the mid 1800's colon irrigation was used for treatment of disease.  Considerable research in this part of the century has been documented for it's therapeutic effectiveness.  It has continued to be controversial and often a misunderstood form of therapy.

It has only been in the last 50 years, through the use of antibiotics, that this procedure seems to have been forgotten.  Colon irrigations were widely used up to the 1920's by many doctors, who had colon hydrotherapy instruments in their offices.  Doctors are specialists in particular fields and their training is in treating symptoms of diseases.

Recently colon hydrotherapy has been regaining respect and popularity.  Through education people now demand more control over their bodies, and are looking for alternative forms of treatment using more natural methods rather than the traditional use of prescribed medications.