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Colonics Cleanse: any Danger with Colon Irrigation?
Is there any danger in having a Colon Irrigation?

Even though there are many benefits to having colon irrigation, there are times when a therapist will not give one.  A trained colon therapist should always have the client fill out a medical history sheet prior to any colon irrigation that is being considered.  A colonic is never given to someone who is pregnant, bleeding from the rectum (they must consult their doctor), has active ulcerated colitis, tumours, cysts or recent surgery.

The instruments used for the colon irrigation are cleansed, disinfected and then sterilized.  The water used during the colonic is put through a water filtration system, free from chlorine which destroys good bacteria in the colon.  Clean linen and gowns are also used at each colonic.

The purpose of colon irrigation is to restore the colon to a healthy state by removing toxic waste, poisons and impurities, thus leaving room for improvement on general overall health and bowel function.