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Colonics Cleanse Toxic Waste in Colon
What is in your Colon now?

What happens with stagnant toxic waste in your colon if you don't flush it out?

The toxic waste has built up over the years and can stick to the sides of your colon.  It can now be absorbed through the bowel wall, and enter into the bloodstream.  Once it enters the bloodstream, the blood will then carry this waste to every part of the body, depositing it into the body's tissues.  If any other elimination system is not working well and is weak, such as the lungs, skin, kidneys or the lymphatic system, the toxic waste will reside in this area since it is weak and cannot carry it away properly.

This toxic waste will accumulate and alter the organ at a cellular level, which will cause that organ to malfunction.  This cycle, if not corrected, will continue to deteriorate and pass through the 4 stages of disease which are:

  • acute
  • sub-acute
  • chronic
  • and degenerative

When this happens it means that the toxic waste has settled and is now taking over a specific part or parts of our body.  This will exhaust and overwhelm our system, causing fatigue or poor circulation.  One will lose proper oxygentation into the tissues, and when we lose oxygen our body gets sick and this is why we feel so tired.

If our colon is full, we cannot digest food properly, which means we do not assimilate the essential nutrients and minerals we need to run our bodies.

Having a colonic will remove the stagnant toxic waste.

A gentle flush using gravity fed and treated water is used to remove stagnant toxic waste from your colon.